Important information you need to know: COVID 19

IMPORTANT INFORMATON you need to know before you visit us in the salon. 2020

Please take the time to read this information so you know what is expected from you and the team before your hair or beauty appointment.
As must as the team at Sam’s Hair and Beauty cannot wait to get back to work doing the job we love and seeing all our lovely clients, we have a responsibility to protect ourselves and our clients through this awful current times. We know that some of you can’t wait to have your hair and beauty treatments done to make us start feeling better about our self’s and that some clients might feel that it is still too soon to come into the salon and we appreciate and respect how you feel. It is down to the individual to make the decision best for them. But we will work around the clock to make this happen and make the salon a safe environment to be in and with new safety procedures in place. As hair and beauty professionals we are trained in high standards of hygiene and use of PPE which we follow and use at all times through our normal day long before coronavirus arrived. 
In this currant time we are all having to go about our daily lives in a new way. As all businesses, we are having to put new measures in place and work differently to keep our staff and clients safe, so for us to be able to do this we need our clients to understand and follow our new guide lines before you come to the salon.
1. If you are feeling unwell PLEASE don’t come to the salon (if you have an appointment booked and have to cancel because you are unwell there will be no cancellation fee during covid-19)
If you or a family member are under the shielding phase we recommend you don’t come to the salon yet and follow government guildelines on shielding.
2. To make a hair or beauty appointment PLEASE call the salon on 01237 473686 if you send us a message on Facebook or our website for an appointment we cannot always reply straight away so I would advise to call the salon. Do not come into the salon to make your appointments. We will not be booking in multiple booking at present so that we can cater for all clients. There will be NO walk in appointments at present.
3. When you come to the salon for your booked appointment PLEASE WAIT OUTSIDE the salon till you are asked in by a member of staff. You cannot come in the salon with anyone else (family member, friend e.c.t. they will have to wait outside. If you have booked a double appointment, then they will be asked in on their appointment time) I appreciate it may be cold or raining but we need to keep the number of people down in the salon and follow government guildelines. So I would advise that you turn up no more than 5 minutes before your appointment.
PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE LATE TO YOUR APPOINTMENT, otherwise we won’t be able to carry out the service.
4. When you are asked into the salon you will be asked to sanitise your hands, using our contactless hand sanitiser dispenser. PLEASE DO NOT wear gloves into the salon as you will be asked to remove them.  (Gloves are meant to avoid cross contamination. For instance, in a hospital, nurses wear gloves to see a patient and to discard them before seeing the next patient. If you are wearing the same set of gloves all over the village you are only spreading germs everywhere you go. Every door you touch, products you pick up, your phone, your car door, your face, money e.t.c.
5. We are asking all clients to wear their own face mask before you enter the salon. We can supply you with one with a small charge of £1.00. (this is optional for Children under 10)
6. You are to keep all your belongings with you. If you bring a coat you might want to bring a spare bag to put it in.
7. We won’t be supplying newspapers, magazines, tea, coffee, cold drinks during covid-19. So we ask that you bring your own and to take them with you when you leave.
8. We have had to increase our prices a little on some treatments, due to the extra time needed to clean and all the extra PPE required to carry out your treatments, 
9. All clients will need a ‘skin test’ for all colour applied to the scalp and lash/brow tints, due to the time between last appointments. PLEASE DO NOT turn up to the salon for this test, we will contact you to arrange this by time slot only.
10. All voucher will be extended to the 31st December 2020
And finally when you are in the salon for your appointment a member of staff will advise you of where to go and direct you around the salon. PLEASE listen and follow the instructions given and to be considerate to others that are in the salon. We can only make this work if we do this together. 
Please be patient with us, this is a new way for us to. 
From all the team at Sam’s Hair and beauty Westward Ho! We cannot wait to see you, we have missed you. Thank you for your cooperation and spending the time to read our guidelines. 
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We are a Nanokeratin system certified salon

We are a Nanokeratin system certified salon, and we offer the world leading smoothing treatment, Nanosmooth pure. The RESULTS ARE LIFE CHANGING… ditch the styling tools! A Nanosmooth pure smoothing treatment is the easiest way to achieve “WAKE UP AND GO” hair!. Are you ready for your SMOOTH HAIR DAY every day? Fallen out of love with your hair? Wished that you could achieve that salon smoothness at home? Talk to us @samshairandbeautysalon Westwad Ho about a Nanosmooth pure smoothing treatment. We understand our clients’ desire for a healthy natural look perfect hair which is toned, elastic, smooth, soft, detangled, humidity-proof, frizz controlled and manageable, having intensive hair growth,and reduced friction between hair strands for freedom of movement and intensified natural shine.

A lot of our clients ask us how Nanokeratin treatment works and would it be beneficial to their hair, @Samshairandbeauty Westward Ho Bideford, coastal, our team of stylist learn how all are products work and the science behind them, We like to be well educated in what we use and to pass some of that on to our clients. We are always happy to answer any question you may have big or small.


Synergizing beauty, science and wellbeing at the forefront of hair technology, Nanokeratin System is a global Bio-Technological pioneer, focused on researching & developing innovative convalescence technologies pioneering knowledge beyond boundaries.

Nanokeratin System Laboratories have developed and formulated unique innovative series Inspired by Nature and based on pioneering patented Biomimetic technologies.Inspiration by Nature and Biomimicry concept means studying natural hair process and understanding how natural healthy hair acts so we can provide damaged hair the tools and conditions for it to heal itself by itself from the inside in order to retrieve back to natural healthy state. Nanokeratin Systems Biomimetic particles perform Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure which means they generate processes, as biological Enzyme does, in order to stimulate and enable inner self recuperation by damaged hair.

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