We are a Nanokeratin system certified salon

We are a Nanokeratin system certified salon, and we offer the world leading smoothing treatment, Nanosmooth pure. The RESULTS ARE LIFE CHANGING… ditch the styling tools! A Nanosmooth pure smoothing treatment is the easiest way to achieve “WAKE UP AND GO” hair!. Are you ready for your SMOOTH HAIR DAY every day? Fallen out of love with your hair? Wished that you could achieve that salon smoothness at home? Talk to us @samshairandbeautysalon Westwad Ho about a Nanosmooth pure smoothing treatment. We understand our clients’ desire for a healthy natural look perfect hair which is toned, elastic, smooth, soft, detangled, humidity-proof, frizz controlled and manageable, having intensive hair growth,and reduced friction between hair strands for freedom of movement and intensified natural shine.

A lot of our clients ask us how Nanokeratin treatment works and would it be beneficial to their hair, @Samshairandbeauty Westward Ho Bideford, coastal, our team of stylist learn how all are products work and the science behind them, We like to be well educated in what we use and to pass some of that on to our clients. We are always happy to answer any question you may have big or small.


Synergizing beauty, science and wellbeing at the forefront of hair technology, Nanokeratin System is a global Bio-Technological pioneer, focused on researching & developing innovative convalescence technologies pioneering knowledge beyond boundaries.

Nanokeratin System Laboratories have developed and formulated unique innovative series Inspired by Nature and based on pioneering patented Biomimetic technologies.Inspiration by Nature and Biomimicry concept means studying natural hair process and understanding how natural healthy hair acts so we can provide damaged hair the tools and conditions for it to heal itself by itself from the inside in order to retrieve back to natural healthy state. Nanokeratin Systems Biomimetic particles perform Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure which means they generate processes, as biological Enzyme does, in order to stimulate and enable inner self recuperation by damaged hair.

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