Everything your hair could wish for

From hair up’s for a special occasion, a complete restyle with colour or if you’re just looking for a weekly blow dry, we can cater for all your hairstyle needs and desires. With 7 seats in the salon and 4 full time stylists and colourists, we are able to meet the needs of all of our clients.

We choose only the best prodcuts to use in our salon and so you can be confident in the knowledge that you will be looking and feeling fantastic!

Hair Price List

  Senior Stylists
 Junior stylists                                        
Olaplex ultimate Treatment £22.00        prices coming soon                                         
Wash & Cut £31.00                                              
Cut & Finish - Short £41.00                                              
Cut & Finish - Long £46.00                                                
Restyle & Finish £56.00                                                 


  Senior Stylists
Gents Dry Trim £15.00  
Clipper Cut, all over £7.50  
Wash Cut, Finish £18.00  


  Senior Stylists
Dry Cut Girls £15.00                                            
Dry Cut Boys £13.00                                             
Wash Cut & Finish  £26.00                                                   
Wet cut 




  Senior Stylists
Junior stylists                                         
Blow Dry / Set - Short £26.00 prices coming soon                                          
Blow Dry / Set - Long £30.00                                             
Hair Up £40.00                                             
Blow dry & Curls  £35.00                                             


  Senior Stylists
Junior stylists                                    
1/2 Head Foils - Short / with Olaplex £55.00                                    
1/2 Head Foils - Long / with Olaplex  £66.00 prices coming soon                                                
Full Head Foils - Short / with Olaplex £69.00                                                    
Full Head Foils - Long / with Olaplex  £80.00                                           
Foils with Tint add extra £20.00                               
T-section / with Olapex £46.00                                          
5 Foils/10 foils £22.00    £29.00                                        
Toners  £22.00                                       
Cap highlights - Short hair only £44.50                                       
Full head tint - Short  £44.00                                       
Full head tint - Long  £55.00                                       
Regrowth tint £39.00                                       
Gents Colour  From £22.00                               
Balayage / with Olaplex  £80.00                                        
                        24 Hour patch test required  


  Senior Stylists
Junior stylists
Full head FROM From £54.00  
Half head / Top Perm £42.00  


  Senior Stylists
Nanokeratin smoothing System From £171.50  


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