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Why Micro-Blading

Many women dream of perfect eyebrows, but unfortunately most have exactly the opposite, It is easy to pluck eyebrows incorrectly with the resuit that they are asymmetrical or, in the worst case have bald spots. Microblading offers a new way of eyebrow correction which looks absolutely natural. Even extremely thin and irregular brows can be reconstructed with this technique.

Natural results every time

Naturalness should always be priority number one with Semi-permanent make-up. Thanks to the new Microblading technique drawn eyebrows cannot be distinguised from real ones anymore.

How Micro Blading works

Microblading offers an alternative method to the established Semi Permanent Make-up techniques. With Microblading, eyebrows can be created extremely naturally. To achieve this, organic Semi Permanent Make-up colours are being workrd into the skin by means of manual blades. Extremely fine hair lines are created which show hardly any difference to real ones.

How will it look

Depending on drawing technique there will be an individual look for every eyebrow. So called HD and 3D brows still dont give away the fact that this is Semi Permanent Make-up. The results appear very natural regardless of the amount of actual natural hair. Let us convince you of the perfection of naturalness.


Price List

Microblading £250.00


5 week top-up: Ensures a colour boost & any adjustments necessary to perfect final result Included in ALL prices


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