Fungal Nail Infection

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In the average lifetime its easy to understand why we develop foot problems. By seeing a Health foot professional it can help your feet feel comfortable again, Weather you require routine maintenance or advice on a particular condition Sam’s foot health clinic will welcome you and soon get your feet happy again.

There are many problems that your feet can go through one being Fungal nail infection.

What is it?

foot nail fungus westwardhoFungal nail infection is also known as ‘Onychomycosis’ and/or Tinea Ungulum and is a fungal infection of the skin beneath your nail (nail bed) that causes visual and physical changes to the actual nail (nail plate). People recognise it by its distinctive discolouration which can be anything from white, through to yellow, brown, or even black. It is important to remember, however, that there are other causes of nail discolouration and nail fungus is often reported more often than it is present. It is crucial to get a Foot Health Professional to take a look if you suspect that you have it.

What causes it?

The fungal organisms responsible are typically a group of fungal called ‘dermatophytes’ but sometimes non-dermatophte fungi such as candida can cause a fungal nail infection. The causative organisma are often found naturally on our skin, but infection occurs when, for one reason or another, these organisms colonlse and then infect tissue. Most commonly, nail fungus occurs secondary to skin fungus of the foot (Tinea Pedis- more commonly referred to as ‘Athletes foot’) which is characterised by red, itchy and flaky patches of skin. It is important that the Foot Health Professional assesses your feet thoroughly to check for fungal skin infection when there is suspected fungal nail infection.

How do I treat it?

nail fungus north devonFungal nail infection is typically difficult to treat as the nail plate acts as a physical barrier to where the infection is rife (under the nail). There are, however, some remedies that have been proven to be effective. They are:

Amorolfine 5%nail lacquer: this acts in such a way that the formulation can penetrate the nail plate and get to work under the nail. Treatment is usually one application weekly over several months.

Lamisil 1% spray: This is only effective if there is access to the nail bed, thus either the loose is cut back far enough, small holes are drilled painlessly into the nail, or it is surgically removed under a local anaesthetic.

Oral medication: These are safe and effective tablets that can be used to eradicate the infection. They are subject to a nail sample testing positive for fungus and a standard liver function test from your GP raising no safety concerns. These are usually taken for a few months.

The treatment option best suited to you will be based upon the clinical presentation, the history of the problem, your medical history, and your personal decision. This is why it is vital to seek out the advice of a Foot Health Professional, at Sam’s hair and beauty before deciding on any home treatment. At best, home treatments may be ineffective and at worst, harmful, indeed, not all of these proven treatments are available without special provision or prescription from an appropriately qualified professional.



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