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It’s ok not to be accepted by everyone #RULESDONTAPPLY,

For those who live without rules! Sabastian has a long history of creating looks for the individual. That means constant reinvention, and different ways to live out stylish expression. Our liquid tools for smoother hair puts the edge in the creators hands, making a multitude of styles possible, where the only rules to follow are your own….and those who inspire you. THANKS TO DIFFUSX TECHNOLOGY!

1: The thicker fluid adheres the hair for a more precise application.

2: Diffusx technology allows even distribution on hair.

3: Replenishes the hair from the inside out, providing smoothness to the cuticle, adding body and facilitating style creation.

4:The formula contains a precious blend of natural oils, Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Argan oil. There is five key products in the dark oil range, available at samshairandbeautysalon.co.uk Westward Ho. A Lightweight Shampoo infused with a special blend of oils.

The Dark Oil Lightweight Shampoo cleanses while adding natural body and shine without weighing down the hair. Suitable for all hair types, leaving your hair up to 3 times smoother.

A Lightweight conditioner infused with a special blend of oils. The Dark Oil Lightweight Conditioner smoothens and detangles the hair whilst keeping it lightweight and full of body. Suitable for all hair types, leaving your hair up to 3 times smoother. A professional lightweight hair mask infused with a special blend of oils.

The Dark Oil Lightweight Mask nourishes the hair whilst keeping the hair’s natural body. Leaving hair looking shiny with a silky hair feel. Suitable for all hair types, leaving your hair up to 3 times smoother. Professional hair fragrance infused with a special blend of oils.

The Dark Oil Fragrant Silkening Mist smooths and conditions the hair leaving a silkening and shiny effect on the hair. Ideal before a blow dry or for a quick touch-up day to day. A lightweight styling oil that smoothens hair and adds body. Dark Oil contains precious natural oils: sandalwood, cedarwood and argan, giving our styling oil an incredible fragrance. It smoothens the cuticle, adds body and disappears into the hair using DiffusX technology, providing effortless styling and hair care.

Dark Oil emily bador


Emily Bador - model, body positivity activist After years of modelling, Emily stood up and said no more to the crazy high standards and unhealthy ideals of the industry. Now Emily advocates for an open conversation about body positivity & mental health, paving the way for many of her followers to find the path to self-love.


Step 1: Wash and condition hair with the lightweight dark oil shampoo and conditioners

Step 2: Section the hair into 4 parts, 2at the front from the top and 2 at the back from the middle. Spray zero gravity onto your hair stocked @sam’s hair Westward Ho this will allow you to manipulate the hair throughout the styling process.

Step 3: Work section by section and create a wavey movement through the hair with a rounded heater tool. Then gently brush out each section to create an airy texture.

Step 4: Apply dark oil styling oil available @sam’s hair and beauty salon through the mid-lengths and ends to give a natural shine whilst keeping the hairs body and texture. Finish off with a touch of dark oil silkening fragrant mist available @sam’s hair Westward Ho Bideford for a beautiful lightweight shine and an even silkier texture.

Rina Sawayama  


Rina Sawayama - singer, songwriter and social activist Being gender fluid and of Asian origin, Rina is fast becoming an iconic figure within a community that’s often totally underrepresented in the media. She speaks her truth and strives to always be her authentic self, inspiring many as she shares her experiences through music.

Scrunched waves

Step1: Prep your hair with dark oil shampoo and dark oil conditioner to add smoothness and natural shine.

Step 2: Towel dry, apply texture maker available @sam’s beauty westward Ho to the roots to add grip and a small amount of dark oil styling oil throughout mid-lengths and ends, for a silky yet lightweight feel.

Step 3: Begin to blow dry your hair with a paddle brush. Then re-apply more dark oil, scrunching your hair between your hands. This will create volume, texture and definitions. Finish off with dark oil silkening fragrant mist for natural shine and mesmerizing fragrance.


Dark Oil sams hair and beauty.

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